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Friday, January 13, 2006 

I am a Chicken

Dear friends,

That’s it, I will stop putting any secrets in this Blog because I just cannot continue…
Every time I wanted to write about any of my secrets some thing inside me was pulling me back, because either some one will be in trouble or I will be in trouble…

It is still unsafe here, and it is not a “free country” yet, I might be killed or dragged some where for questioning if I wrote about some subjects, and every time I tried to look for some thing safe to write about it turned danger; I will just wait till it becomes more safe in here; in fact, I do not think it will be useful to write about things, which became part of the history when there is a lot of things that is still going on now, which are more important, also these things, if I will write about them, will not put me in trouble…

Some group kidnapped my friend few days ago, she is an American journalist; she was the best, and I think writing about her is more important than the things I wanted to write about before, in fact, her kidnapping made me change my mind about what I am writing…

May be some one will say, "you are a chicken, you must continue writing about these secrets"…
I am not a chicken, but I just know what could happen if I will continue writing because,

I was there…

I would like to know who you are if you have another blog??? email me:


I am friends with many Iraqi bloggers including Baghdad Treasure

Please do not stop writing.. It would be such a shame, my desire to know the truth would be crushed again...


We are all hoping your friend Jill Carroll is freed. I am sorry to hear about the murder of her translator.

Write whenever you feel you have something to say; it is your blog.

There is an Iraqi air force commander--a man named Sada--who has written a book. He says Saddam moved chemical weapons via Iraqi Airways jet flights to Syria in the months leading up to the war.

Do you think this is true?


Link to story about moving WMD is here

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