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I was born a long time ago, every one I knew said that I was so lucky from the very beginning; I was the first kid in my wealthy family, lived in a big house, my father and mother gave me every thing, including love of course, and more over, I born in that beautiful country (at that time) Iraq.

As a lucky kid, I lived in a beautiful neighborhood; I had such a great friends, My Mother was Sunni and my Father was Shiite, but my Grandmother was Kurd; I had a Jewish, Christians and Muslim friends and neighbors, and I went to a Christians School; we were so happy and we all wanted to be something when we grow up, and we did.

My dream was flying, I wanted to go up so high and look to the ground from there, and I wanted to be higher than every body so I can see what they all are doing; I wanted to see how small the people will be from that high altitude, even those policemen who arrested my father for few months when I was kid because he worked in politics and he was opposing the government.

However, since I was a lucky one, I was able to go to the United Stats of America and become a pilot and Aeronautical Engineer when every one was dreaming to go there and be a pilot, “Two dreams in one you are going to get” that was what my friends said when I told them that I am leaving.

I stayed in US for almost seven years, and I came back for a visit to see my family but I was stuck in Iraq because the Iraqi Iran war started, I could not go back, leaving my girlfriend waiting for me there; the communications all stopped between the two countries, so I lost her and did not know any thing about her till now; that was the first big lost in my life for a lucky one like me; I stayed in Iraq and saw what I saw.

I spent half of my life flying every where and with every body; normal people and VIP’s, I saw and heard a lot of unbelievable things which is part of the secrets that form the new Iraq History; I landed now, and I am going to stay on ground for while, that is why, and while I am on ground and before flying again, I will tell you a lot of secrets, not that many people knows about it concerning what was going on during the wars up to now; I will tell you every thing because,

I was there…

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  • From Baghdad, Iraq
  • I'm a pilot and an Aircraft Engineer who born in Iraq and spent half of his life flying to every country in the world but the Invasion of my country at 2003 turned me to a journalist who is sharing the others in writing the History of Iraq..
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