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Sunday, April 09, 2006 

It is April 9 again!!

Three years passed since the US-led Coalition Forces invaded Iraq to remove Saddam and the “Mass Distraction Weapons” and to make Iraq a new "Democratic country".

The young Iraqis, after three years are so disappointed and pessimistic; they missed those days when they use to have fun and go out partying or for picnics; they get sick and tired of the security situation and the car bombs.

Many of them get sick and tired of seeing all those religious men with turbans controlling their lives; at Rafidean University in Baghdad, the young men were not allowed to turn on the stereo at the university Cafeteria for more than 40 days for the death memorial of Hussein, Profit Muhammad Grand son, “We did not liked that but they told us that this was al-Saied order, (al-Said means Said Ammar al-Hakeem the son of Abdul Aziz al-Hakeem of SCIRI and the head of the Alliance Bloc at the parliament .

The young men started remembering the old days when they use to trust the Americans and like them but the curvature of love for the Americans start declining because of all the mistakes that their leaders did in Iraq and because they did not keep their promises.

Therefore, those young Iraqis start doing any thing remind them with the good days ‘from their point of view’ that they missed and one of those things was by putting Saddam pictures as a desktop on their mobile phones or using Saddam old songs as a ring tones for their phones.

“We did not like him but his picture remind us by all the good days we missed and how safe we use to feel”, H., a university student said.

Some of them found some pictures that no one saw before and start exchanging these pictures and songs through Bluetooth system from one phone to another; just like the one I put here in my blog.

Many Mobile shops found out that it is a good business so they prepared a lot of good pictures and songs for those young and you can find it in their shops.

“Many young men come every day and ask us to download some pictures for their mobile phones and a lot of them they ask for Saddam Pictures, we bring any thing the costumers want to make more money and we have to look for some thing new every day”, an owner of mobile phone shop said.

“I do not want you to use my name or the name of my shop because I afraid that some armed men ‘wearing police uniform in police cars’ will attack our shop for selling Saddam pictures”, another mobile shop owner said.

“The young men used to ask for American flags when the Americans invaded Baghdad, the demand on these desktops is not much any more the demand on Saddam desktops is much more, they did not gain from the Americans the things they were expecting”, another mobile shop owner said.

“These are the kind of pictures and ring tons you found among the university students, they are all about Saddam”, S., a university female student said.

I feel sorry for those young people and I know how they feel because,

I was there,


"they did not gain from the Americans the things they were expecting"

You know I'm getting really sick and tired of all the bitching and whining about how the "big bad” Americans did not fulfill their promises. It is not our job to reform your society and religion. All we can do is lay the seed. If you people cannot find a common ground upon to which establish a law biting civil society the blame rests solely on your shoulders, not ours.


Yes, I think you are partially right, but americans were woefully unprepared for Iraqi reality, they listened to Chalabi and expats and did not have good plan for the time after-they-win-the-war. They did promised a lot but iraqis, I think, expected much more than USA promised.
However, it is a water under bridge. Reality is what reality is and we all, in our small ways, have to think what to do now, how to establish law and order, what would be the best for Iraq. Sadly, a lot of people both iraqis and non-iraqis think only about themselves.
Thank you "I was there" for a wonderful blog.

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You do not have to “get sick and tired of all the bitching and whining”, you remind me by a story I heard before some time,
“There was a big rock on a bridge obstructing the movement of the people by leaving a very narrow passage on one side of the rock to go around, one time, some friends gathered and decided to help those people, they put dynamite around the rock to smash it into small pieces that will be easy to carry away and open the bridge, when they explode it, the rock was gone so the bridge”

The Americans came and destroy the system and because they did not know any thing about the Iraqis and their culture, they brought all those exiles with their militias which are controlling every thing now and they are fighting between them now, they did not give chance to the real Iraqis to take control to help them selves and now even the Americans are not able to get rid of those militias; the Iraqis use to be afraid from one Saddam and one Baath Party, now they are afraid of many “political leaders” and many militias; you are right Iraqis must help them selves and they are doing that now by running away from the country because they can not fix any thing, neither the Americans nor the Iraqi new leaders will give them the chance; you have to be an Iraqi and live in Baghdad to understand me but you are not; you only listening to the news,

I know about that because,

I was there..

Iraqis can look to American history; especially our own bloody civil war and note that 200 years have passed and we are still hammering out our differances. The majority of all people want to live, love and exist in peace.The kids in Iraq are sending a strong message. Saddam pictures on their cell phones (which they never would have under his rule) should tell the adults a big message; what are you doing about creating a future for us?

I think Americans and Iraqis both believed the regime of the Saddam Hussein was the main obstacle preventing Iraqis from having a decent country and a decent life.
Once that obstacle was removed, I think you all dreamed of a better Iraq--as did all Americans.
The sad reality is that 40 years of dictatorship and no tradition or culture of a liberal democractic society with justice for all is a very, very hard historic fact to overcome.

Origenal_Jeff, you are right, but the problem now that every where the Americans go the terrorists will follow and they are fighting in our country now and some people, which the Americans turned to enemies, are helping them and that will never give the Iraqis to live in peace again..
I know about that because,

I was there..

Anonymous, this is exactly what the message was and they are still waiting..
I know that because,

I was there..

Original_Jeff I think the US with its allies have set a very low standard when they themselves have seen to it that they can not be prosecuted under Iraqi law, the first thing Bremer did was to make them immune. Now what message does that give? A very bad one.

This is the sad reality of democracies behaviour in Iraq and war on terror and a very hard fact to overcome when they have and are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq every single day. One rule for you and one for us, the democratic US and its democratic allies are playing the same game as Saddam did with Iraqis.

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