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Monday, April 03, 2006 


One of my friends sent me this ‘jock’; I thought about putting it in my blog because I liked it, so read it and it is up to you if you want to laugh about it or cry…

Three men were competing to see who was the most cruel.
The first one attacked a woman, beat her until her teeth fell off and she bled from her nose and ears.
He beat her so savagely that she fainted. He turned to the others and said, "I am the worst one of all".
The second man stepped up, raped her and beat her further until she was almost dead.

He turned to the others and said, "No one can be worse than me".
The third one stepped up, smiled coldly, and said, "No, I am the worst one because I just stood by and watched. This woman is my sister".

The woman is IRAQ

The first man is SADDAM

The second is the WEST

The third is the ARAB WORLD

I agree about that because,

I was there..


This is so hurtful.

I would not call it a joke, but this is exactly how I have described what has been done to Iraq, and mostly I used a similar analogy whenever some new fangled pseudo-Iraqi leader comes out with the lame excuse (it was so much worse in Saddam's time) whenever something hideous happens to Iraqis such as Abu Ghraib, it is exactly like saying (well what is the problem? she has been raped before so what if she is raped again don't make such a fuss)
I am a little surprised that Iraqis in Iraq are looking back nostalgically to Saddam, we feel enormously guilty to even think it may have been a smidgen better before April 2003

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